Now or Never EP

by Final Round

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released December 2, 2012

Recorded and mixed September 10 and 11, 2011 at El Rocha Studios.

Recorded and mixed by Fernando Sanches and Pedro Carvalho.
Mastered by Fernando Sanches.
All songs by FINAL ROUND (c) 2011.

Cover art done by Fernando Marcatti
Design and Layout by Athos Underdog



all rights reserved


Final Round Brazil

Hardcore Straight Edge from São Paulo/Brazil

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Track Name: It's time to do
It is time to do what need for change
The choice is in your hands
So let’s make the difference!
It’s time to do something for yourself
No matter who you were
You can still be who you've always wanted to be

It is time to do
Let’s do something for ourselves
It is time to do
Let’s help those who have fallen
It is time to do
Don’t you ever be indifferent
Track Name: Our truth
I still believe
In this force that keeps me alive
This is what I feel
This is my truth

This is our truth!

An open heart and clear mind
Compose my dedication
are trying to overthrow
but this flame will not extinguish

The hardcore changed my life
Made me what I am
Made me break down the walls
And overthrow the conformism
Track Name: Winning
Winning is for the strong ones
For those who don't fear life's obstacles
For those who are no shy

Defeat is stop trying
Defeat is stop acting
Expanding and evolving

I search in me what people fear
I try to find what's away from me
The force that's called courage
Track Name: Your chance is over
The ice runs through my veins
I've lost my pity for you
I no longer believe in your words
you've fallen and there's no return

you've had your chance,
but is was a lie and now it's over
Where is your coviction?
It was demolished by your weakness

And now? your chance is over
There's no turning back
this is your fuckin' end
Track Name: Mind of steel
I see in your face
A fear that doesn't strike me
I see before me
The pose of a Superman

You think you're "the man"
Because of the muscles surrounding you
But you will never have
The mind of great man.

My mind of steel
Was trainded by the streets
While yours
Was consumed by the needles

Cold-blooded and fearless
That's the spirit of a fighter
Track Name: Choices
The big choices in life
Are those you'll never regret
Choices that define your happiness
and for those you should give thanks

Know with whom you walk
Know for whom you smile
Friends, family, you can count on them

Trust is something you earn day by day
Don't trust those who never shared hate
Track Name: Fight back
Today is day to meet your goals, whatever they are!
Houver over like a tractor!
Keep on walking, going on forever whithout stopping,
no matter how tired you are!
punch, punch. Breathe. Continue.

Knock back, react,
hit back!

And when you're punched by the enemy,
stand up, stay strong!
Wait for your chance of fight back!
Head, body. head body... FIGHT BACK!